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BIS - 1 : Gazetteers and Handbooks.

Microfilm no. / Microfiche no.
Title: Handbook of Arabia. Vol 1, General.
Dates: May 1916.
Physical description:708 p. : 4 maps, plates, genealogical tables.
File number:L/P&S/20/E84/1
Notes: London : Admiralty War Staff, Intelligence Division,
Notes: For Official Use Only
Title: Handbook of Arabia. Vol 2, Routes.
Dates: May 1917.
Physical description:519 p. : map, plates.
File number:L/P&S/20/E84/2
Notes: London : Admiralty War Staff, Intelligence Division,
Notes: Confidential
Title: Handbook of Asir. Prepared by the Arab Bureau, Cairo, 1st edn,
Dates: June 1916
Physical description:[iii], 169 p. : map.
File number:L/P&S/20/E79
Notes: For Official Use Only
Title: Handbook of Hejaz. Prepared by the Arab Bureau, Cairo, 2nd edn,
Dates: 26 February 1917.
Physical description:vi, 179 p. : map, genealogical table.
File number:L/P&S/20/E81
Notes: Secret, For Official Use Only
Title: Routes in Arabia
Physical description:xiii, 817 p. : map.
File number:L/P&S/20/E76
Notes: Simla : General Staff India, 1915
Notes: Confidential
Title: Where's Where in Arabia, Mesopotamia and Persia
Physical description:i, 63, 9 p.
File number:L/P&S/20/C128/1
Notes: Simla : General Staff India, 1915.
Notes: Confidential
Title: Where's Where in Arabia, Mesopotamia and Persia
Physical description:i, 110, 10 p.
File number:L/P&S/20/C128/2
Notes: Simla : General Staff India, 1916
Notes: For Official Use Only
Title: Gazetteer of Arabia. Vol 1 [A-J]
Physical description:973 p.
File number:L/MIL/17/16/2/1
Notes: Simla : General Staff India, 1917.
Notes: Confidential
Title: Gazetteer of Arabia. Vol 2 [K-R]
Physical description:[625] p.
File number:L/MIL/17/16/2/2
Notes: Simla : General Staff India, 1917
Notes: Confidential
Title: Gazetteer of Arabia. Vol 3 [S-Z], with Glossary of Terms by Lt-Col C.C.R.Murphy
Physical description:[413] p. : map.
File number:L/MIL/17/16/2/3
Notes: Simla : General Staff India, 1917
Notes: Confidential
Title: Personalities. Arabia
Physical description:362 p. : map, genealogical tables.
File number:L/P&S/20/C131
Notes: London : Admiralty War Staff, Intelligence Division, April 1917
Notes: Secret
Title: Southern Nejd. Journey to Kharj, Aflaj, Sulaiyyil and Wadi Dawasir in 1918 / H.St.J.B. Philby, Cairo : Arab Bureau,
Dates: 1919
Physical description:81 p. : map.
File number:L/P&S/20/C169
Notes: For Official Use Only
Title: Arabia. Handbook prepared under the direction of the Historical Section of the Foreign Office, No 90
Physical description:vi, 127 p. : map.
File number:L/P&S/20/E85
Notes: [London: Foreign Office], April 1919
Notes: Confidential
Title: Military Report on the Arabian shores of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait, Bahrein, Hasa, Qatar, Trucial Oman and Oman
Physical description:iii, 198 p. : maps.
File number:L/MIL/17/15/141
Notes: Calcutta: General Staff India, 1933
Notes: For Official Use Only
Title: Military Report and Route Book. The Arabian States of the Persian Gulf,
Dates: 1939
Physical description:xi, 276 p. : maps & sketches.
File number:L/P&S/20/C252
Notes: Simla : General Staff India, 1940.
Notes: Security

BIS - 2: Arabian Politics and the First World War.

Microfilm no. / Microfiche no.
Title: Persian Gulf: situation in Qatar; policy towards Ibn Sa'ud,
Dates: May-Dec 1913
File number:L/P&S/10/384 File 2182/1913 Pt 1 155ff
Scope and contents:
includes: Saudi occupation of Hasa and Turkish response; Anglo-Saudi relations and mission of Captain Shakespear; Turkish garrison in Qatar.
64-67 (1-4)
Title: Persian Gulf: situation in Qatar; policy towards Ibn Sa'ud,
Dates: Dec 1913-Nov 1916
File number:L/P&S/10/385 File 2182/1913 Pt 2 257ff
Scope and contents:
includes: British and Turkish relations with Ibn Sa'ud; translation of Saudi Treaty with Turks, 15 May 1914
67-72 (4-9)
Title: Persian Gulf: Anglo-Qatar treaty, 3 Nov 1916; British negotiations with Qatar; Saudi interests,
Dates: May 1913-May 1918
File number:L/P&S/10/386 File 2182/1913 Pt 3 120ff
72-75 (9-12)
Title: Persian Gulf: policy towards Ibn Sa'ud,
Dates: Sep 1914-Nov 1916
File number:L/P&S/10/387 File 2182/1913 Pt 4-5 363ff
Scope and contents:
includes: Saudi relations with Turkey; Captain Shakespear's mission; Anglo-Saudi treaty negotiations and treaty, December 1915; Saudi relations with Sharif Husayn.
75-82 (12-19)
Title: Arabia: relations with Ibn Sa'ud,
Dates: Jan-Dec 1917
File number:L/P&S/10/388 File 2182/1913 Pt 6 267ff
Scope and contents:
includes: Gertrude Bell's memorandum 'A Ruler of the Desert'; Arab Bureau memorandum on 'Relations with Ibn Sa'ud'; Saudi relations with Ibn Rashid; tribal affairs in central Arabia; correspondence between Ibn Sa'ud and Sir Percy Cox; British mission to Ibn Sa'ud
82-88 (19-25)
Title: Arabia: policy towards Ibn Sa'ud,
Dates: Jan-Dec 1918
File number:L/P&S/10/389 File 2182/1913 Pt 7-8 505ff
Scope and contents:
includes: British policy towards Ibn Sa'ud; Saudi relations with Hijaz; British military assistance; Saudi relations with Kuwait; Khurma dispute; Philby mission
88-98 (25-35)
Title: Arabia: policy towards Ibn Sa'ud,
Dates: May 1919-Dec 1920
File number:L/P&S/10/390 File 2182/1913 Pt 9-10 529ff
Scope and contents:
includes: the 'Najd-Hijaz feud' - relations between Ibn Sa'ud and King Husayn; Khurma and Turaba incidents; memorandum on British commitments to Ibn Sa'ud; 'Report on Najd Mission, 1917-1918' by H.St.J.B.Philby;
98-109 (35-46)
Title: Arabia: relations with Ibn Sa'ud; Hijaz-Najd boundary dispute,
Dates: Jan-Oct 1920
File number:L/P&S/10/391 File 2182/1913 Pt 11-12 558ff
Scope and contents:
includes: Philby mission; diary of mission to Hasa by H.R.P.Dickson, Political Agent Bahrain, February 1920; British subsidy to Ibn Sa'ud
109-121 (46-58)
Title: German War: Red Sea and Arabia,
Dates: Sep 1914-Jul 1915
File number:L/P&S/10/558 File 3086/1915 Pt 1 181ff
Scope and contents:
includes: protection of Holy Places; Turkish relations with Idrisi Imam of Asir and Imam of Yemen; British negotiations with Idrisi; measures for policing Red Sea
121-124 (58-61)
Title: German War: Arabia; Turkish military activities in southern Arabia; supply of arms to Idrisi; Idrisi relations with Italy.
Dates: Jan-Oct 1915
File number:L/P&S/10/559 File 3086/1915 Pt 2 231ff
124-129 (61-66)
Title: Arabia: Red Sea policy; occupation of Red Sea islands,
Dates: Jan 1915-Nov 1917
File number:L/P&S/10/560 File 3086/1915 Pt 3-4 413ff
Scope and contents:
includes: negotiations with Imam and Idrisi; blockade of Red Sea coast; proposed British occupation of Kamaran, Farasan and other Red Sea islands; mineral prospecting licence on Farasan islands; report by Major D.G.L.Shaw on the occupation of Hanish, Zukur and Kamaran, June 1915, with sketch map of southern part of Red Sea; Italian activities
129-137 (66-74)
Title: Arabia: Red Sea trade during war,
Dates: May 1915-Sep 1919
File number:L/P&S/10/561 File 3086/1915 Pt 5 468ff
137-147 (74-84)
Title: Arabia: Red Sea littoral situation; Farasan islands,
Dates: May 1915-Jan 1919
File number:L/P&S/10/562 File 3086/1915 Pt 6-7 313ff
Scope and contents:
includes: British negotiations with Idrisi; British occupation of Farasan islands; Treaty with Idrisi, 30 April 1915 and Supplementary Agreement, 22 January 1917
147-154 (84-91)

BIS - 3: Arabia after the War : Territorial Consolidation; The Conquest of the Hijaz.

Microfilm no. / Microfiche no.
Title: Arabia, Najd: Ibn Sa'ud's subsidy; policy and payment,
Dates: Oct 1916-Apr 1922
File number:L/P&S/10/635 File 4931/1916 202ff
155-159 (1-5)
Title: Arabia: subsidies to Arab rulers; Ibn Sa'ud and the British government; subsidy negotiations with Ibn Sa'ud's envoy; Najd passports.
Dates: Jan 1920-Apr 1925
File number:L/P&S/10/880 File 488/1920 Pt 1-2 282ff
159-165 (5-11)
Title: Arabia: visit to England of the son of the Shaikh of Kuwait, Ahmad b. Jabir Al Sabah, and the son of the Amir of Najd, Faysal b. 'Abd al-'Aziz, October 1919, and discussions relating to expenditure,
Dates: Jul 1919-Feb 1924
File number:L/P&S/10/843 File 4006/1919 Pt 1 420ff
165-173 (11-19)
Title: Arabia: British relations with Ibn Rashid,
Dates: Nov 1918-Sep 1920
File number:L/P&S/10/765 File 4929/1918 224ff
Scope and contents:
includes: Rashidi overtures to British government; question of subsidy; assassination of Sa'ud Ibn Rashid, 1920; Rashidi-Saudi relations
173-178 (19-24)
Title: Arabia: general situation; Hijaz-Najd relations,
Dates: Sep 1920-Jun 1924
File number:L/P&S/10/936 File 7251/1920 Pt 1 398ff
Scope and contents:
includes: proposed meeting between King Husayn and Ibn Sa'ud; memorandum on 'Political situation in Nejd' by H.R.P.Dickson, August 1920; proposed conference of Arab rulers; Najd pilgrimage
178-186 (24-32)
Title: Arabia: Najd; question of channel of communication between British government and Ibn Sa'ud; control of British relations with Ibn Sa'ud and the Ruler of Kuwait; proposal for British representative in Najd and Saudi representative in London.
Dates: Apr 1922-Apr 1929
File number:L/P&S/10/938 File 7251/1920 Pt 4 208ff
186-190 (32-36)
Title: Arabia: situation in 1924; Wahhabi attack on Hijaz; capture of Taif and defeat of Hijaz army; abdication of King Husayn,
Dates: Aug-Dec 1924
File number:L/P&S/10/1124 File 3665/1924 Pt 1 430ff
190-199 (36-45)
Title: Arabia: Najd-Hijaz situation.
Dates: Aug 1924-Dec 1926
File number:L/P&S/10/1125 File 3665/1924 Pt 2-4 319ff
Scope and contents:
Pt 2 : British policy of complete neutrality regarding the future of the Holy Cities; question of the recruitment of troops in the Aden Protectorate on behalf of the Amir 'Ali; recruitment of Palestinians for Hijaz army
Pt 3 Wahhabi attack on Trans-Jordania; Hijaz-Transjordan boundary
Pt 4 Attitude of Muslim world; Hijaz and Najd deputations to India
199-205 (45-51)
Title: Arabia: Najd-Hijaz situation; military hostilities,
Dates: Nov 1924-Oct 1925
File number:L/P&S/10/1126 File 3665/1924 Pt 5 395ff
205-214 (51-60)
Title: Arabia: Najd-Hijaz situation,
Dates: Aug 1925-Jan 1929
File number:L/P&S/10/1127 File 3665/1924 Pt 7-9 421ff
Scope and contents:
Pt 7 Fall of Medina; surrender of Jeddah; abdication of King 'Ali; desecration of shrines by the Wahhabis
Pt 8 Egyptian mediation, October 1925
Pt 9 Wahhabi massacres at Taif, 1924; claims and compensation for British subjects for damages at Taif
214-222 (60-68)
Title: Arabia: international recognition of Ibn Sa'ud as King of the Hijaz; relations with British government; revision of Anglo-Saudi treaty; regional relations,
Dates: Dec 1925-Dec 1927
File number:L/P&S/10/1165 File 87/1926 Pt 1-2 571ff
222-234 (68-80)
Title: Arabia: Ibn Sa'ud; Anglo-Saudi treaty negotiations,
Dates: Nov 1926-Nov 1930
File number:L/P&S/10/1166 File 87/1926 Pt 3-4 511ff
234-244 (80-90)
Title: Arabia: Najd; employment of British airmen by Ibn Sa'ud; Hijazi airforce,
Dates: Jan 1926-Jun 1931
File number:L/P&S/10/1167 File 351/1926 697ff
244-259 (90-105)

BIS - 4: Regional Relations and Boundaries : Kuwait, Iraq and Transjordan, 1920-1932.

Microfilm no. / Microfiche no.
Title: Kuwait affairs: Kuwait-Najd boundary dispute; expenditure on protection of Kuwait from Ikhwan attacks.
Dates: Aug 1920-Aug 1926
File number:L/P&S/10/925 File 6499/1920 Pt 1-2 175ff
260-263 (1-4)
Title: Arabia: Najd-Iraq and Najd-Kuwait boundaries; Muhammerah Agreement, May 1922, and 'Uqayr Protocols, December 1922
Dates: Jan 1922-Apr 1923
File number:L/P&S/10/937 File 7251/1920 Pt 2 180ff
263-267 (4-8)
Title: Arabia: Najd-Transjordan dispute; activities of Ibn Sa'ud's followers; proposed conference at Kuwait,
Dates: Jan 1922-Dec 1923
File number:L/P&S/10/1033 File 450/1922 Pt 1 418ff
Scope and contents:
includes: 'Note on the Trans-Arabian Railway' by Major A.C.Griffin; Philby's activities at Jauf; claims to Jauf and Wadi Sirhan; organisation of conference at Kuwait
267-275 (8-16)
Title: Arabia: Najd-Transjordan dispute; Kuwait Conference; proceedings of conference; Ikhwan raids; correspondence with Ibn Sa'ud,
Dates: Dec 1923-Sep 1924
File number:L/P&S/10/1034 File 450/1922 Pt 2 471ff
275-285 (16-26)
Title: Arabia: Najd; negotiations with Ibn Sa'ud regarding Iraq-Najd question and Transjordan boundary; Sir Gilbert Clayton's mission,
Dates: Apr 1925-Jul 1927
File number:L/P&S/10/1144 File 1166/1925 382ff
Scope and contents:
includes: 'Report by Sir Gilbert Clayton on his mission to negotiate certain agreements with the Sultan of Nejd', Colonial Office, February 1926; 'Agreements with the Sultan of Nejd regarding certain questions relating to the Nejd-Transjordan and the Nejd-Iraq frontiers [Hadda & Bahra Agreements], November 1925
285-293 (26-34)
Title: Iraq-Najd relations: frontier situation,
Dates: Oct 1927-Jun 1928
File number:L/P&S/10/1234 File 57/1928 Pt 1 408ff
293-301 (34-42)
Title: Iraq-Najd relations: frontier situation,
Dates: Jan-Dec 1928
File number:L/P&S/10/1235 File 57/1928 Pt 2 614ff
301-314 (42-55)
Title: Iraq-Najd relations: mission of Sir Gilbert Clayton to Ibn Sa'ud,
Dates: Mar-Jun 1928
File number:L/P&S/10/1236 File 57/1928 Pt 3 457ff
314-323 (55-64)
Title: Iraq-Najd relations: frontier situation; Clayton mission; interpretation of the 1922 'Uqayr protocol,
Dates: May 1928-Oct 1929
File number:L/P&S/10/1237 File 57/1928 Pt 4-5 816ff
Scope and contents:
includes: 'Report by Sir Gilbert Clayton on his mission to the King of the Hejaz and of Najd and its Dependencies, for the purpose of negotiating a settlement of outstanding questions (April-June 1928)', Colonial Office, August 1928; and 'Report by Sir Gilbert Clayton on the resumption of his mission...(July-August 1928)', Colonial Office, January 1929
323-338 (64-79)
Title: Iraq-Najd relations: Kuwait situation; air and car reconnaissances,
Dates: Dec 1927-May 1929
File number:L/P&S/10/1238 File 57/1928 Pt 6 548ff
338-349 (79-90)
Title: Iraq-Najd relations: frontier situation; Government of India printed correspondence; press reports; parliamentary questions,
Dates: Dec 1927-Jun 1928
File number:L/P&S/10/1239 File 57/1928 Pt 7-8 168ff
349-353 (90-94)
Title: Iraq-Najd relations: discussions with Ibn Sa'ud,
Dates: Oct 1928-Feb 1930
File number:L/P&S/10/1240 File 57/1928 Pt 9 738ff
353-368 (94-109)
Title: Najd-Transjordan frontier; situation; tribal raiding,
Dates: Oct 1928-Sep 1930
File number:L/P&S/10/1241 File 57/1928 Pt 10 885ff
Notes: [NB File 57/1928 Pt 11 relates to a different geographical area and subject and is not part of this series]
368-386 (109-127)
Title: Iraq-Najd relations: Kuwait frontier situation,
Dates: Mar 1929-Apr 1930
File number:L/P&S/10/1243 File 57/1928 Pt 12 634ff
386-399 (127-140)
Title: Iraq-Kuwait-Najd frontier,
Dates: Jun 1929-Feb 1930
File number:L/P&S/10/1244 File 57/1928 Pt 13 580ff
399-411 (140-152)
Title: Najd and Kuwait: proposals for a comprehensive settlement between Ibn Sa'ud and the Shaikh of Kuwait,
Dates: Oct 1929-Jun 1931
File number:L/P&S/10/1245 File 57/1928 Pt 14 392ff
411-419 (152-160)
Title: Iraq-Najd-Kuwait situation: Ibn Sa'ud's measures against Ikhwan; negotiations,
Dates: Nov 1929-Jul 1930
File number:L/P&S/10/1246 File 57/1928 Pt 15 509ff
419-430 (160-171)
Title: Iraq-Najd frontier: Bon Voisinage agreement between Iraq and Najd; procedures for dealing with frontier incidents,
Dates: Jan-Dec 1930
File number:L/P&S/10/1247 File 57/1928 Pt 16 923ff
430-449 (171-190)
Title: Iraq-Najd relations: administration and operations in southern desert of Iraq,
Dates: Jun 1928-Apr 1933
File number:L/P&S/10/1248 File 57/1928 Pt 17 36ff
Notes: Confidential
Scope and contents:
includes: 'Report on the operations carried out in the Southern Desert in connection with the Iraq-Najd borders, June 1928-May 1929' Air Ministry, July 1929
with map of region between Basra and Hayl
449 (190)
Title: Meeting between Ibn Sa'ud and King Faysal, February 1930; report by commander of cable ship Patrick Stewart on Ibn Sa'ud's voyage to and from the meeting; costs of the cable ship,
Dates: Jan-Dec 1930
File number:L/P&S/10/1248 File 57/1928 Pt 18 57ff
449-451 (190-192)
Title: Najd-Transjordan frontier situation; raiding incidents and claims,
Dates: Sep-Oct 1930
File number:L/P&S/10/1249 File 57/1928 Pt 19 518ff
451-461 (192-202)
Title: Najd-Transjordan frontier situation: raiding incidents and claims,
Dates: Dec 1930-1932
File number:L/P&S/10/1310 File 42/1931 456ff
Scope and contents:
includes: 'Note by Captain J.B.Glubb on policy for the control of the Transjordan deserts', Nov 1920
461-471 (202-212)
Title: British relations with Ibn Sa'ud; proposed meeting between Colonel H.V. Biscoe, Political Resident in the Gulf, and Ibn Sa'ud; Kuwait-Najd relations; Kuwait Intelligence Summaries,
Dates: May 1929-Sep 1932
File number:L/P&S/12/2066 Coll 6/5 462ff
471-480 (212-221)
Title: Najd-Transjordan frontier situation: raiding incidents; British communications with Ibn Sa'ud,
Dates: Jan 1931-Nov 1932
File number:L/P&S/12/2067 Coll 6/6 775ff
480-496 (221-237)

BIS - 5: Regional Relations and Boundaries : Asir, Yemen and the Red Sea, 1919-1934.

Microfilm no. / Microfiche no.
Title: Arabia: Idrisi; situation,
Dates: Jan 1919-Aug 1926
File number:L/P&S/10/1089 File 1182/1923 368ff
Scope and contents:
includes: proposed aerodrome on Farasan islands; Idrisi claim to Qunfida; Idrisi relations with Imam of Yemen, King Husayn and Ibn Sa'ud; events in Asir; sketch map showing boundaries of Idrisi territory
497-504 (1-8)
Title: Red Sea: Farasan Islands; safeguarding against Italian encroachments; supply of arms to Idrisi and to Imam of Yemen; Farasan islands oil concession negotiations and Saudi mediation,
Dates: Apr 1925-Sep 1928
File number:L/P&S/10/1174 File 714/1926 Pt 1 491ff
504-514 (8-18)
Title: Red Sea: British and Italian interests,
Dates: Apr 1925-Nov 1930
File number:L/P&S/10/1175 File 714/1926 Pt 2-4 582ff
Scope and contents:
Pt 2 Anglo-Italian 'conversations', 1926-1927
Pt 3 attack by the Imam on Ibn Sa'ud and the Idrisi; the Saudi-Idrisi ('Mecca') Agreement, October 1926; Saudi-Yemen relations; map showing the limits of Saudi, Idrisi and Yemen rule, December 1926
Pt 4 Italian relations with the Iman of Yemen and Treaty between Italy and Yemen, September 1926
514-526 (18-30)
Title: Saudi-Yemen relations: assumption by Ibn Sa'ud of control of internal administration of Asir,
Dates: Nov 1930-Oct 1933
File number:L/P&S/12/2064 Coll 6/4 Pt 1 545ff
Scope and contents:
includes:Treaty of Abu Arish, December 1931; recognition of new status of Asir; rebellion in Asir
526-537 (30-41)
Title: Saudi-Yemen relations: Asir situation; proposed Anglo-Italian discussions; outbreak of hostilities; sketch maps of frontier,
Dates: Sep 1933-Apr 1934
File number:L/P&S/12/2065 Coll 6/4 Pt 2 391ff
537-545 (41-49)
Title: Saudi-Yemen relations: Asir; progress of hostilities,
Dates: Apr-May 1934
File number:L/P&S/12/2125 Coll 6/58 446ff
Scope and contents:
includes: sketch map of of Persian Gulf and Arabia showing boundary lines
545-555 (49-59)
Title: Saudi-Yemen relations,
Dates: May 1934-Jan 1935
File number:L/P&S/12/2132 Coll 6/65 453ff
Scope and contents:
includes: peace negotiations and Treaty of Taif, May 1934; publication of Saudi Green Book on the Saudi-Yemen conflict, Apr 1934
also includes a few miscellaneous pages relating to Saudi-Yemen relations, Jan 1935-Jan 1938
555-560 (59-64)
Title: Saudi Arabia: oil concession negotiations in Asir and the Farasan islands,
Dates: Jun 1933-Nov 1934
File number:L/P&S/12/2127 Coll 6/60 20ff
560 (64)

BIS - 6: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia : Government and Infrastructure.

Microfilm no. / Microfiche no.
Title: Hijaz-Najd: internal affairs; administration and constitution,
Dates: Aug 1928-Feb 1940
File number:L/P&S/12/2099 Coll 6/33 191ff
Scope and contents:
includes: regulations for the distribution and administration of charities, 1928; registration of companies, 1928; composition and functions of legislative council, 1928; reorganisation of administration of Hijaz, 1930; constitution of Hijaz, 1932; proclamation creating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, September 1932
561-563 (1-3)
Title: Hijaz-Najd affairs: financial and internal political situation,
Dates: Mar 1928-Aug 1938
File number:L/P&S/12/2074 Coll 6/10 648ff
Scope and contents:
includes: conditions in the Hijaz; currency exchange crisis; banking arrangements; engagement of financial advisers; Saudi request for a British loan; Saudi relations with Russia; constitutional developments and ministerial appointments; economic survey of Saudi Arabia, 1936; military structure
563-576 (3-16)
Title: Saudi Arabian affairs: financial and internal situation,
Dates: May 1939-Jan 1940
File number:L/P&S/12/2076 Coll 6/10 Pt 2 21ff
Scope and contents:
financial position of Saudi government; value of riyal
576 (16)
Title: Hijaz-Najd affairs: economic development in the Hijaz,
Dates: Dec 1929-Aug 1937
File number:L/P&S/12/2077 Coll 6/11 246ff
Scope and contents:
Employment of foreign experts; mining concessions; Saudi Arabian Mining Syndicate
576-579 (16-19)
Title: Hijaz railway: reconstruction,
Dates: Jun 1931-Nov 1938
File number:L/P&S/12/2078 Coll 6/12 512ff
579-585 (19-25)
Title: Railways and communications: proposed Jeddah-Mecca railway; motor transport arrangments,
Dates: Sep 1932-Nov 1939
File number:L/P&S/12/2116 Coll 6/49 105ff
585-586 (25-26)
Title: Hijaz-Najd: international sanitary arrangements; accession to International Sanitary Convention of 1907,
Dates: Jul 1930-Nov 1932
File number:L/P&S/12/2080 Coll 6/14 37ff
586-587 (26-27)
Title: Hijaz Air Force: recruitment and training,
Dates: Mar 1931-Mar 1939
File number:L/P&S/12/1950 Coll 5/5 345ff
587-591 (27-31)
Title: Salutes in the Hijaz-Najd: British gun salutes for royal family and officials,
Dates: Aug 1928-Apr 1934
File number:L/P&S/12/2113 Coll 6/46 75ff
591-592 (31-32)
Title: Saudi Arabia: exemption of Saudi nationals from koshan tax,
Dates: Jun 1937-May 1939
File number:L/P&S/12/2156 Coll 6/83 14ff
592 (32)
Title: Hijaz: procedure for deportations to and from,
Dates: Jun 1931-May 1932
File number:L/P&S/12/2079 Coll 6/13 52ff
592-593 (32-33)
Title: Hijaz-Najd: ownership of property by foreigners,
Dates: May 1930-May 1935
File number:L/P&S/12/2101 Coll 6/35 125ff
593-594 (33-34)
Title: Migration of Hijazis into Transjordan,
Dates: Aug 1931-Apr 1932
File number:L/P&S/12/2084 Coll 6/18 54ff
594-595 (34-35)
Title: Saudi Arabia: position and national status of British subjects and protected persons,
Dates: Apr 1931-Feb 1934
File number:L/P&S/12/2105 Coll 6/38 82ff
595-596 (35-36)
Title: Hijaz-Najd: personalities; biographical notes and Who's Who; changes in government appointments,
Dates: May 1928-Nov 1935
File number:L/P&S/12/2107 Coll 6/40 70ff
596-597 (36-37)
Title: Saudi Arabia: anti-Saudi activities of Sayyid Muhammad Tahir al-Dabbagh,
Dates: Jun 1932-Jul 1936
File number:L/P&S/12/2119 Coll 6/52 158ff
597-599 (37-39)
Title: Saudi Arabia: Khalid ibn Hithlain: prevention of use of Bahrain and Kuwait as bases for anti-Saudi activities,
Dates: Jul 1933-Jul 1936
File number:L/P&S/12/2123 Coll 6/56 29ff
599 (39)
Title: Saudi Arabia: alleged execution of the state prisoners handed over after Ikhwan rebellion (Naif ibn Hithlain, Sultan ibn Hamaid and Ibn Lami),
Dates: Oct 1933-Nov 1935
File number:L/P&S/12/2126 Coll 6/59 13ff
599 (39)
Title: Future of royal family: possible events on death of Ibn Sa'ud; succession plans; attack on King Ibn Sa'ud, 1935; Sep 1931-1949
File number:L/P&S/12/2082 Coll 6/16 211ff
Scope and contents:
Includes: Note by Captain G.S. de Gaury, Political Agent Kuwait, June 1937, on the Shammar tribe and the Ibn Rashid dynasty, with genealogical charts of the Rashid, Shammar and 'Anaza; note by de Gaury on the 'Anaza, August 1938
599-602 (39-42)

BIS - 7: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia : International Relations.

Microfilm no. / Microfiche no.
Title: Hijaz-Najd and Saudi Arabia: treaties and relations with France and Syria,
Dates: Jan 1926-Dec 1937
File number:L/P&S/12/2061 Coll 6/1 54ff
Scope and contents:
includes: proposed appointment of French representative in Najd; Saudi treaties with France and Syria, November 1931; Franco-Saudi relations
603 (1)
Title: Hijaz-Najd and Saudi Arabia: treaty and relations with Italy; attitude of Saudi government during Italo-Ethiopian dispute,
Dates: Sep 1930-Aug 1938
File number:L/P&S/12/2062 Coll 6/2 180ff
Scope and contents:
includes: Treaties of Freindship and Commerce with Italy, February 1932; Italian recognition of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Italian representation in Saudi Arabia; Saudi Arabia and the Abyssinian crisis
603-605 (1-3)
Title: Hijaz-Najd and Saudi Arabia: relations with British Government,
Dates: Sep 1927-Jan 1935
File number:L/P&S/12/2087 Coll 6/21 Pt 1 449ff
Scope and contents:
includes: establishment of diplomatic relations with British Government; Hijaz Legation in London and British Minister in Jeddah; future of 1927 Treaty of Jeddah; Anglo-Saudi "Conversations", 1934; discussions relating to Blue Line,
605-615 (3-13)
Title: Saudi Arabia: relations with British Government; Hijaz Legation in London and British Minister in Jeddah; ratification and prolongation of treaty of Jeddah,
Dates: Jan 1935-Nov 1943
File number:L/P&S/12/2088 Coll 6/21 Pt 2 375ff
615-619 (13-17)
Title: Channels of communication with Ibn Sa'ud; communication arrangements with the British Residency, Bushire, and British authorities other than the Government of India,
Dates: Apr 1929-Jun 1931
File number:L/P&S/12/2109 Coll 6/42 90ff
619-620 (17-18)
Title: Saudi relations with Egypt,
Dates: Jan 1926-Apr 1937
File number:L/P&S/12/2092 Coll 6/25 125ff
620-622 (18-20)
Title: Saudi-Polish relations: Polish arms for Ibn Sa'ud,
Dates: Jun 1929-Apr 1934
File number:L/P&S/12/2097 Coll 6/31 46ff
622 (20)
Title: Saudi-Turkish relations: Treaty of Friendship, 1929; appointment of Turkish representative at Jeddah,
Dates: Oct 1926-Jan 1937
File number:L/P&S/12/2098 Coll 6/32 44ff
622-623 (20-21)
Title: Saudi Arabia: relations with the Soviet,
Dates: Jul 1932-Jun 1938
File number:L/P&S/12/2117 Coll 6/50 47ff
623-624 (21-22)
Title: Saudi Arabia: relations with USA,
Dates: May 1931-Jan 1947
File number:L/P&S/12/2124 Coll 6/57 63ff
624 (22)
Title: Saudi Arabia: relations with Germany; 1929 Treaty of Friendship, Dec 1928-Nov 1941
File number:L/P&S/12/2143 Coll 6/70 86ff
624-625 (22-23)
Title: Saudi Arabia and Yemen: relations with Japan,
Dates: May 1938-Mar 1941
File number:L/P&S/12/2159 Coll 6/86 25ff
625-626 (23-24)

BIS - 8: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia : Oil, Boundaries and Regional Relations.

Microfilm no. / Microfiche no.
Title: Revolt in northern Hijaz: Hijaz-Najd and Transjordan frontier situation; Hijaz relations with Egypt and Transjordan,
Dates: May-Jul 1932
File number:L/P&S/12/2096 Coll 6/30 465ff
627-636 (1-10)
Title: Najd-Transjordan frontier affairs,
Dates: Jul-Nov 1932
File number:L/P&S/12/2102 Coll 6/36 458ff
636-645 (10-19)
Title: Najd-Transjordan frontier affairs,
Dates: Nov 1932-Apr 1933
File number:L/P&S/12/2103 Coll 6/36 492ff
645-655 (19-29)
Title: Najd-Transjordan frontier affairs; treaty negotiations and 1933 Saudi-Transjordan Treaty,
Dates: Apr 1933-Mar 1935
File number:L/P&S/12/2112 Coll 6/45 512ff
656-666 (30-40)
Title: Saudi Arabia: frontier with Transjordan; Saudi claims to Akaba and Maan,
Dates: Apr 1934-Mar 1940
File number:L/P&S/12/2133 Coll 6/66 209ff
666-668 (40-42)
Title: Saudi Arabia: national and provincial boundaries,
Dates: Feb-Dec 1934
File number:L/P&S/12/2129 Coll 6/62 57ff and 2 maps
Scope and contents:
includes: "strictly confidential" map of Arabia showing national and provincial boundaries and map of Aden Protectorate showing tribes and boundaries in South-West Arabia
668-669 (42-43)
Title: Foreign Office memorandum, May 1935, on "The seven independent Arabian States",
Dates: Dec 1935-Jan 1936
File number:L/P&S/12/2147 Coll 6/74 13ff
669-670 (43-44)
Title: Saudi Arabia: limit of territorial waters; Saudi regulations relating to Red Sea fishing; Saudi Coast Guard Administration,
Dates: Sep 1932-Aug 1935
File number:L/P&S/12/2121 Coll 6/54 53ff
670 (44)
Title: Saudi Arabia: relations with Yemen; delimitation of Saudi-Yemen frontier; sketch map of the frontier prepared by the British Legation Jeddah,
Dates: Nov 1934-Apr 1936
File number:L/P&S/12/2145 Coll 6/72 23ff
670 (44)
Title: Saudi Arabia: Red Sea oil concessions,
Dates: Mar 1936-Jan 1937
File number:L/P&S/12/2149 Coll 6/76 76ff
670-671 (44-45)
Title: Oil concessions in Saudi Arabia (Hasa),
Dates: Dec 1923-Jul 1945
File number:L/P&S/12/2115 Coll 6/48 565ff
Scope and contents:
includes: Hasa Oil Concession Agreement, 1935; California Arabian Standard Oil Company road map of operations in Hasa; reconnaissance map of Arabian Gulf coastline
671-678 (45-52)
Title: South Eastern Arabia and Qatar boundaries: India Office memorandum on "The Southern Boundary of Qatar and connected problems", 1934; Middle East Committee discussions Jul 1933-Jun 1934
File number:L/P&S/12/2130 Coll 6/63 372ff
678-686 (52-60)
Title: South Eastern boundaries in Arabia: Anglo-Turkish convention of 1913; attitude of USA, Feb-Jul 1934 with printed copies of Anglo-Turkish Convention respecting the Persian Gulf and adjacent territories, July 1913, and Anglo-Turkish Convention respecting the boundaries of Aden and of Ottoman territory in Southern Arabia, March 1914
File number:L/P&S/12/2131 Coll 6/64 90ff, maps
686-688 (60-62)
Title: Boundaries of South Eastern Arabia and Qatar,
Dates: Jun-Dec 1934
File number:L/P&S/12/2134 Coll 6/67 Pt 1 388ff
688-696 (62-70)
Title: Boundaries of South Eastern Arabia and Qatar: Anglo-Saudi negotiations,
Dates: Dec 1934-May 1935
File number:L/P&S/12/2135 Coll 6/67 Pt 2 358ff
696-703 (70-77)
Title: Boundaries of South Eastern Arabia and Qatar,
Dates: Apr-Dec 1935
File number:L/P&S/12/2136 Coll 6/67 Pt 3 409ff
Scope and contents:
includes: reconnaissance map of Qatar Peninsula and aerial photographs, Secret, October 1935
703-711 (77-85)
Title: Boundaries of South Eastern Arabia and Qatar,
Dates: Oct 1935-Sep 1937
File number:L/P&S/12/2137 Coll 6/67 Pt 4 409ff
Scope and contents:
includes: maps showing boundary lines and claims, approximate area of Murrah tribal dirah,
711-717 (85-91)
Title: Boundaries of South Eastern Arabia and Qatar: Khaur al-'Udayd,
Dates: Oct 1937-Aug 1939
File number:L/P&S/12/2138 Coll 6/67 Pt 5 320ff
Scope and contents:
with map showing claim lines
717-724 (91-98)
Title: Boundaries of South Eastern Arabia and Qatar: oil concessions and operations,
Dates: Feb 1942-Mar 1948
File number:L/P&S/12/2139 Coll 6/67 Pt 6 194ff
Scope and contents:
also includes: Foreign Office memoranda on "Ibn Sa'ud's claims in respect of the South Eastern frontiers of Saudi Arabia", April 1934, and "The South East Frontiers of Saudi Arabia", June 1940
724-728 (98-102)
Title: Boundaries of South Eastern Arabia and Qatar: 3 maps:
File number:L/P&S/12/2140 Coll 6/67
Scope and contents:
Map of Arabia showing the boundaries of the Aden Protectorate
Map showing provisional southern boundary of Qatar
War Office map of the unsurveyed Qatar Peninsula, Secret, 1934
728-729 (102-103)
Title: Qatar: protest by Ibn Sa'ud against grant of the Qatar oil concession; direct correspondence between the Shaikh of Qatar and Ibn Sa'ud,
Dates: Aug 1935-Feb 1936
File number:L/P&S/12/3848 Coll 30/119 93ff
729-730 (103-104)
Title: Oil concessions in South Eastern Arabia: Petroleum Concessions' interest in Rub' al-Khali and question of disputed boundary,
Dates: Oct 1936-Mar 1937
File number:L/P&S/12/2152 Coll 6/79 39ff
730 (104)
Title: South and South Western boundaries of Saudi Arabia: activities of H.St.J.B.Philby; Philby's journey to Shabwa,
Dates: Nov 1936-Jan 1937
File number:L/P&S/12/2153 Coll 6/80 69ff
730-731 (104-105)
Title: Boundaries in Arabia: interpretation of Anglo-Italian Rome Understanding of 1927,
Dates: Apr 1934-Nov 1937
File number:L/P&S/12/2158 Coll 6/85 37ff
Scope and contents:
includes: Foreign Office "Memorandum respecting the boundaries of Arabia: Anglo-Turkish arrangements", April 1934, with map
731 (105)
Title: Kuwait blockade by Ibn Sa'ud; Kuwait-Najd relations,
Dates: Aug 1931-May 1935
File number:L/P&S/12/3732 Coll 30/21 558ff
731-743 (105-117)
Title: Kuwait blockade by Ibn Saud; Kuwait-Najd relations,
Dates: May 1935-Sep 1937
File number:L/P&S/12/3733 Coll 30/21 Pt 2 495ff
743-753 (117-127)
Title: Kuwait blockade by Ibn Sa'ud; Kuwait-Najd relations; smuggling; Bon Voisinage and Extradition agreements
Dates: Sep 1937-Apr 1940
File number:L/P&S/12/3734 Coll 30/21 Pt 3 513ff
753-759 (127-133)
Title: Saudi-Kuwait frontier incidents,
Dates: May-Nov 1935
File number:L/P&S/12/3841 Coll 30/112 72ff
759-760 (133-134)
Title: Kuwait: survey of Neutral Zone; its status and history,
Dates: Nov 1932-Mar 1935
File number:L/P&S/12/3748 Coll 30/35 87ff
760-761 (134-135)
Title: Oil Concessions in Kuwait Neutral Zone,
Dates: Apr 1933-Aug 1935
File number:L/P&S/10/1003 File 2794/1921 Pt 15 479ff
Scope and contents:
includes draft oil concession agreement and sketch map
761-771 (135-145)
Title: Kuwait (Neutral Zone): oil concessions in Kuwait Neutral Zone and eastern Saudi Arabia; negotiations with Petroleum Concessions Limited,
Dates: Oct 1935-Jan 1947
File number:L/P&S/12/3856 Coll 30/124 441ff
771-776 (145-150)
Title: Relations between Ibn Sa'ud and Shaikh of Kuwait; visit of Ibn Sa'ud to Kuwait, 1936, and of Shaikh of Kuwait to Riyadh, 1940,
Dates: Nov 1935-Mar 1948
File number:L/P&S/12/3861 Coll 30/127 82ff
776-777 (150-151)
Title: Saudi relations with Bahrain and Qatar: visit of Ibn Sa'ud to Bahrain, 1939, and other visits between ruling families.
Dates: Sep 1937-Oct 1941
File number:L/P&S/12/3884 Coll 30/149 59ff
777 (151)
Title: Attitude of Ibn Sa'ud towards Arab rulers in the Persian Gulf and Persian Gulf affairs.
Dates: Dec 1938-May 1939
File number:L/P&S/12/3909 Coll 30/172 31ff
778 (152)