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BIY - 1: Gazetteers and handbooks, 1877-1917

Microfilm no. / Microfiche no.
Title: An account of the British settlement of Aden in Arabia
Author: Compiled by Captain F.M.Hunter
Dates: 1877
Quantity: xii, 232pp, 2 maps
Identification: L/P&S/20/E12
reel 1
fiche 1-3
Title: Report on the survey operations in the districts in the neighbourhood of Aden during 1891-1892
Author: Prepared under the orders of Colonel H.R.Thuillier, Surveyor-General of India, by Captain R.A.Wahab, Deputy Superintendent, Survey of India
Quantity: 35pp, map, Strictly Confidential
Notes: Calcutta: Survey of India, 1893
Identification: L/P&S/20/E60
reel 1
fiche 3-4
Title: Military Report on the British Protectorate of Aden and the Amir of Dala's territories, with special reports on certain other tribes and adjoining border districts
Quantity: vii, 377pp, illus, maps, Confidential
Notes: Simla: Quarter Master General's Department, Intelligence Branch, 1905
Identification: L/P&S/20/59
reel 1
fiche 4-10
Title: The Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Pilot, containing descriptions of the Suez Canal, the Gulfs of Suez and Akaba, the Red Sea and Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb, the Gulf of Aden with Sokotra and adjacent islands, and the south-eastern coast of Arabia to Ras-al-Hadd
Quantity: xxvii, 600pp, illus, maps
Notes: 6th edition, London: Admiralty Hydrographic Office, 1909
Identification: L/P&S/20/E77
reel 1-2
fiche 10-17
Title: An account of the Arab tribes in the vicinity of Aden
Author: Cpt Arthur Henry Eyre Mosse
Notes: Bombay: Government Central Press, 1909
Identification: L/MIL/17/16/9/1-2

Vol 1, [vi], 356pp, genealogical tables ;
Vol 2, 3 maps, [showing Arabian coast and tribes and new boundary of the Aden Protectorate]
reel 2
fiche 17-21
Title: Military Report on the Aden Protectorate
Quantity: vii, 298, maps, Confidential
Notes: Simla, General Staff India, 1915
Identification: L/MIL/17/16/6
reel 2
fiche 21-24
Title: Who's Who in Aden and Western Arabia
Quantity: 123 pp
Notes: Calcutta: General Staff India, 1916
Notes: Confidential
Identification: L/P&S/20/57
reel 2-3
fiche 24-26
Title: Field Notes, Aden Protectorate
Quantity: 34pp, 2 maps
Notes: Calcutta, General Staff India, 1917
Notes: For Official Use Only
Identification: L/MIL/17/16/7
reel 3
fiche 26
Title: Handbook of Yemen
Author: Prepared by the Arab Bureau, Cairo
Dates: 1st edn, 15 January 1917
Quantity: vi, 167pp, map
Notes: For Official Use Only
Identification: L/MIL/17/16/14
reel 3
fiche 26-28

BIY - 2: Political and secret subject files on Yemen and the Aden protectorate, 1902-1930

Microfilm no. / Microfiche no.
Title: Aden Protectorate: Turkish aggression on frontiers
Dates: Sep 1904-Aug 1914
Quantity: 199ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/14 File 137/1904 Pt 1

includes: Amiri and Haushabi boundaries; maintenance of boundary pillars; sketch maps of frontiers; Yemeni territory contiguous with Protectorate
reel 4
fiche 29-33 (1-5)
Title: Aden Protectorate: Turkish aggression on north-eastern frontier
Dates: Mar 1904-Apr 1914
Quantity: 284ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/15 File 137/1904 Pt 2
reel 4
fiche 33-39 (5-11)
Title: Aden: Anglo-Turkish boundary delineation
Dates: 1902-1906
Notes: India Office Political and Secret Department memoranda on Aden boundary delimitation.
reel 4
fiche 39 (11)
Title: Note by Sir W.Lee-Warner on the Aden demarcation
Dates: June 1902
Quantity: 4pp.
Notes: Confidential
Identification: L/P&S/18/B136
Title: Aden delimitation: the history of the question and the present situation as regards the territories of the Amir of Dthali.
Author: Brig-Gen P.J.Maitland
Dates: 28-29 July 1902
Quantity: iii, 10pp.
Notes: Confidential
Identification: L/P&S/18/B137
Title: Aden boundary
Author: C.G.Campbell, India Office
Dates: 20 January 1903
Quantity: 6 pp
Notes: Confidential
Identification: L/P&S/18/B140
Title: Relations of the British Government with the tribes of the Aden hinterland.
Author: R.T.W.Ritchie, India Office
Dates: 19 March 1906
Quantity: 5pp.
Notes: Confidential
Identification: L/P&S/18/B155
Title: Memorandum respecting the Aden frontier delimitation
Dates: March 1906
Quantity: 10pp
Notes: [map referred to as annexed (showing tribes and new boundary of the Aden Protectorate) is in L/P&S/10/407, below, at f.84]
Notes: Foreign Office
Notes: Confidential
Identification: L/P&S/18/B156
Title: Aden frontier: proposed ratification of 1905 boundary settlement
Dates: July 1913-Mar 1914
Quantity: 119ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/407 File 3463/1913

includes: Anglo-Turkish Convention respecting the boundaries of Aden and of Ottoman territory in Southern Arabia, signed at London, 9 March 1914, with Annex C: map of part of Arabia showing 'Blue' and 'Violet' lines
also includes: map showing tribes and new boundary of the Aden Protectorate [see L/P&S/18/B156 above]
reel 5
fiche 39-42 (11-14)
Title: Aden hinterland: treaties with tribes; tribal affairs; British policy
Dates: Oct 1903-Nov 1915
Quantity: 452ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/74 File 600/1905 Pt 1-3
reel 5
fiche 42-51 (14-23)
Title: Aden hinterland: treaties with tribes
Dates: Jan 1903-Mar 1920
Quantity: 257ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/75 File 600/1905 Pt 4-6
reel 6
fiche 51-57 (23-29)
Title: Arabia: situation in Yemen: Arab revolt against Turks; letter from Imam of San'a to King Edward VII, July 1905; fighting in Yemen; Turkish military operations; 1911 agreement between Turks and Imam
Dates: Apr 1905-Feb 1912
Quantity: 335ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/68 File 57/1905
reel 6
fiche 57-63 (29-35)
Title: Arabia: arms traffic in Yemen
Dates: Feb-Sep 1911
Quantity: 164ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/193 File 520/1911
reel 7
fiche 63-67 (35-39)
Title: Arabia: Asir; supply of arms to Sayyid Idrisi
Dates: Sep 1915-Aug 1925
Quantity: 470ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/563 File 3086/1915 Pt 8-9
reel 7-8
fiche 67-77 (39-49)
Title: Aden Weekly Newsletters and Political Intelligence Summaries
Dates: Aug 1912-Jun 1916
Identification: L/P&S/10/295 File 3498/1912 291ff
reel 8
fiche 77-82 (49-54)
Title: Aden Newsletters
Dates: June 1916-Oct 1918
Identification: L/P&S/10/610 File 3300/1916 Pt 1-2 481ff
reel 8-9
fiche 82-92 (54-64)
Title: Aden Newsletters
Dates: Feb 1919-Dec 1923
Identification: L/P&S/10/611 File 3300/1916 Pt 3-4 635ff
reel 9-10
fiche 92-105 (64-77)
Title: Arabia: the Turkish Peace Treaty and the future political status of Yemen and Asir
Dates: Nov-Dec 1922
Identification: L/P&S/10/938 File 7251/1920 Pt 5 ff.209-218
reel 10
fiche 105-106 (77-78)
Title: Arabia: Red Sea; future of Kamaran island; oil concession for Eastern and General Syndicate
Dates: Jun 1919-Dec 1928
Quantity: 154ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/841 File 3697/1919 Pt 1-2
reel 10
fiche 106-109 (78-81)
Title: Arabia: relations with Imam Yahya; situation in Yemen, Jan 1919-Jan 1920
Quantity: 409ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/790 File 349/1919 Pt 1

includes: proposed treaty with Imam;
note by Lt-Col H.F.Jacob on 'The future of the Yemen', April 1919;
treaty negotiations and Jacob's mission;
report on detention of mission at Bajil, Sep-Oct 1919
reel 10-11
fiche 109-117 (81-89)
Title: Arabia: relations with Imam Yahya; situation in Yemen; proposed treaty
Dates: Dec 1919-Mar 1924
Quantity: 557ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/791 File 349/1919 Pt 2

includes: notes on background to Jacob's mission; note on the position of Hudaydah and Tihama policy;
correspondence between Imam and King; situation in Aden Protectorate; petition from Hudaydah notables;
treaty negotiations and draft treaty; negotiations with Idrisi Sayyid of Asir
reel 11-12
fiche 117-129 (89-101)
Title: Arabia: relations with Imam Yahya; proposed treaty
Dates: Nov 1921-Nov 1925
Quantity: 538ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/792 File 349/1919 Pt 3-5

includes: foreign relations of ImamYahya and Italian, Turkish and French activities;
expenditure on British relations with Yemen;
treaty negotiations and drafts of treaty;
British policy on conflict between Imam and Idrisi;
Saudi policy in Asir
reel 12-13
fiche 129-140 (101-112)
Title: Arabia: relations with Imam Yahya; British mission under Sir Gilbert Clayton; deputations of Lt-Col M.S.Irani and Major M.C.Lake; Imam's encroachments on Aden Protectorate; Zaydi raids on Protectorate tribes
Dates: Nov 1925-Aug 1928
Quantity: 629ff
Notes: Confidential
Identification: L/P&S/10/1160 File 4155/1925 Pt 1-3

includes: Report by Sir Gilbert Clayton on his mission to the Imam of San'a Colonial Office: Middle East No.10, July 1926.
reel 13-14
fiche 140-153 (112-125)
Title: Arabia: affairs in Yemen; British relations with Imam Yahya; resumption of negotiations; Yemeni encroachments on Protectorate; Saudi attitude towards Yemen
Dates: Mar 1928-Dec 1930
Quantity: 846ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/1161 File 4155/1925 Pt 4-5
reel 14-15
fiche 153-170 (125-142)
Title: Report by Lt-Col M.C.Lake on his visit to Upper and Lower Yafa
Dates: June 1926
Quantity: 31 pp, genealogical table
Notes: London: Colonial Office, Middle East No.8, Confidential
Identification: L/P&S/20/E89
reel 15
fiche 170 (142)
Title: Aden Newsletters and Political Intelligence Summaries
Dates: Feb 1924-Dec 1926
Quantity: 416ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/1109 File 1108/1924
reel 15-16
fiche 170-179 (142-151)
Title: Aden Political Intelligence Summaries
Dates: Sep 1926-Dec 1929
Quantity: 522ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/1195 File 4009/1926
reel 16-17
fiche 179-190 (151-162)
Title: Red Sea naval reports
Dates: Aug 1926-Nov 1930
Quantity: 374ff
Identification: L/P&S/10/1208 File 1525/1927
reel 17
fiche 190-197 (162-169)

BIY- 3: Political and secret collections on Yemen and the Red Sea, c 1930-1945

Microfilm no. / Microfiche no.
Title: Yemen: British relations with the Imam; Anglo-Yemen treaty negotiations and drafting of treaty
Dates: Jan 1931-Jun 1932
Quantity: 381ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2068 Coll 6/7

includes: maps showing Anglo-Turkish boundary (Blue Line), tribal boundaries, proposed Anglo-Yemen boundaries and limits of current Yemeni penetration
reel 18
fiche 198-206 (1-9)
Title: Yemen: British relations with the Imam; Anglo-Yemen treaty negotiations and drafting of treaty
Dates: Jun 1932-Sep 1933
Quantity: 358ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2069 Coll 6/7

includes: Report on the Medical Mission to Taiz and Colonel Lake's visit to San'a, January 1932
reel 18-19
fiche 206-213 (9-16)
Title: Yemen: British relations with the Imam; Anglo-Yemen treaty negotiations and drafting of treaty; February 1934 signing of treaty
Dates: Aug 1933-Feb 1934
Quantity: 364ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2070 Coll 6/7

includes: map of Aden Protectorate annotated to show place-names, tribal names and suggested frontier lines
reel 19
fiche 213-221 (16-24)
Title: Yemen: relations between the British Government and the Imam; conclusion of 1934 treaty and ratification
Dates: Jan 1934-Apr 1942
Quantity: 252ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2128 Coll 6/61

includes: report of Lt-Col B.R.Reilly on his mission to San'a, December 1933-February 1934;
Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Cooperation between Great Britain and Yemen (with Exchange of Notes), 11 February 1934
reel 20
fiche 221-224 (24-27)
Title: Yemen: proposed establishment of a British representative at San'a on conclusion of the treaty with the Imam
Dates: Apr-Dec 1932
Quantity: 7ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2108 Coll 6/41
reel 20
fiche 224 (27)
Title: Affairs in Yemen
Dates: Sep 1935-Oct 1937
Quantity: 38ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2142 Coll 6/69

includes: a sketch of certain personalities in the Yemeni government by Captain B.W.Seager, Frontier Officer, September 1935;
report by Seager on a visit to Yemen, July 1937
reel 20
fiche 224 (27)
Title: Yemen: nationality law
Dates: Aug-Oct 1935
Quantity: 5ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2146 Coll 6/73
reel 20
fiche 224 (27)
Title: Yemen: relations with France
Dates: Mar 1930-Oct 1940
Identification: L/P&S/12/2089 Coll 6/22 70ff

includes: proposed French recognition of Yemen; Treaty of Friendship, April 1936;
French claim to Shaikh Said
reel 20
fiche 224-225 (27-28)
Title: Yemen: relations with Egypt; proposed treaty
Dates: Mar-Jul 1934
Quantity: 55ff
Notes: [NB ff 1-4 relate to relations between Saudi Arabia and Japan and are misplaced on this file]
Identification: L/P&S/12/2090 Coll 6/23
reel 20
fiche 225-226 (28-29)
Title: Yemen: relations with Abyssinia
Dates: Sep 1929-Oct 1935
Quantity: 28ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2091 Coll 6/24
reel 20
fiche 226 (29)
Title: Yemen: relations with Italy
Dates: Apr 1933-Sep 1939
Quantity: 91ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2114 Coll 6/47

includes: copy of 1926 treaty between Italy and Yemen
reel 20
fiche 226-227 (29-30)
Title: Yemen: relations with Italy; attitude of Yemeni government towards Italo-Ethiopian dispute; British policy in event of Italian occupation of Yemeni territory
Dates: Feb 1934-Oct 1939
Quantity: 346ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2157 Coll 6/84

includes: memoranda by B.W.Seager on Italian activities in Yemen; report on visit of Italian flotilla to Kamaran; record of 1937 Anglo-Italian Rome 'conversations'
reel 20
fiche 227-231 (30-34)
Title: Treaty of Friendship, signed March 1933, between Yemen and the Netherlands
Dates: Mar 1933-Mar 1934
Quantity: 7ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2122 Coll 6/55
reel 20
fiche 231 (34)
Title: Yemen: relations with Germany; proposed Treaty of Friendship and Commerce
Dates: Dec 1928-Nov 1930
Quantity: 25ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2144 Coll 6/71
reel 20
fiche 231 (34)
Title: Yemen: relations with Persia; visit to Persia of Yemeni minister
Dates: Aug-Sep 1936
Quantity: 4ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2150 Coll 6/77
reel 20
fiche 231-232 (34-35)
Title: Yemen: oil and mining concessions; negotiations; proposed survey of Kamaran
Dates: Aug 1932-Apr 1937
Quantity: 74ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2100 Coll 6/34
reel 20
fiche 232 (35)
Title: Red Sea naval reports: proceedings of HM ships
Dates: Feb 1931-Nov 1945
Quantity: 244ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2086 Coll 6/20

includes: report on Medical Mission to Taiz, December 1931;
Narrative of a visit by the Aden Resident (Reilly) with HMS Penzance to Socotra and Wadi Hadhramaut, March 1933;
report of HMS Penzance, April-May 1934, on the situation at Hudaydah and Saudi-Yemen relations;
report of HMS Penzance, June 1936, on visits to Yemeni ports
reel 21
fiche 232-235 (35-38)
Title: Kamaran: legal status and position in connection with the application of sanctions against Italy
Dates: Jul 1934-Jan 1936
Quantity: 14ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1504 Coll 1/66
reel 21
fiche 235 (38)
Title: Red Sea: the Hanish islands; Italian activities and claims to sovereignty; proposed erection of lighthouses and military posts
Dates: Oct 1928-Dec 1935
Quantity: 208ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2120 Coll 6/53
reel 21
fiche 235-237 (38-40)

BIY - 4: Political and secret collections on the Aden protectorate, c 1930-1948

Microfilm no. / Microfiche no.
Title: Aden Political Intelligence Summaries
Dates: Jan 1931-Jul 1934
Quantity: 497ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1447 Coll 1/8
reel 22
fiche 238-248 (1-11)
Title: Aden Political Intelligence Summaries
Dates: Aug 1934-Dec 1937
Quantity: 444ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1486 Coll 1/50
reel 23
fiche 248-257 (11-20)
Title: Aden Political Intelligence Summaries
Dates: Jan-Sep 1938
Quantity: 129ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1488 Coll 1/50 (2)
reel 23
fiche 257-258 (20-21)
Title: Aden Protectorate tribes: relations with British Government
Dates: Dec 1930-Jul 1935
Quantity: 60ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1446 Coll 1/7

includes: Conferences of Protectorate Chiefs at Lahej, December 1930, February 1932 and April 1935
reel 24
fiche 258-259 (21-22)
Title: Aden Protectorate: tribal successions; approval by Resident
Dates: Aug 1924-May 1933
Quantity: 70ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1448 Coll 1/9
reel 24
fiche 259-260 (22-23)
Title: British policy in the Aden Protectorate: treaties with Protectorate rulers and subsidies
Dates: Nov 1928-Jul 1939
Quantity: 154ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1450 Coll 1/12

includes: proposals regarding treaty with Upper Yafai;
Kathiri Treaty, March 1939;
Qu`ayti-Kathiri Agreement, March 1939
reel 24
fiche 260-262 (23-25)
Title: Payments and subsidies to tribal chiefs
Dates: Oct 1927-Oct 1941
Quantity: 92ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1458 Coll 1/22
reel 24
fiche 262-263 (25-26)
Title: Aden Protectorate: Lahej; conspiracy against Sultan and question of recognition of his eldest son as successor
Dates: Feb 1933-Aug 1936
Quantity: 34ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1464 Coll 1/28
reel 24
fiche 263 (26)
Title: Visit of the King of Italy to Aden in October 1934
Dates: Oct 1934-Sep 1935
Quantity: 123ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1490 Coll 1/52
reel 24
fiche 263-265 (26-28)
Title: Aden Protectorate: status of Socotra
Dates: Nov 1926-May 1933
Quantity: 46ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1460 Coll 1/24

also includes: 'The island of Socotra', by J.Theodore Bent, The Nineteenth Century, no.244, June 1897
reel 24
fiche 265 (28)
Title: Aden Protectorate: extension of limit of Red Sea patrol to include the Gulf of Aden, Socotra and British Somaliland
Dates: Apr-Jul 1933
Quantity: 25ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1466 Coll 1/30
reel 24
fiche 265-266 (28-29)
Title: Jurisdiction over territorial waters of Arab states of the Aden Protectorate
Dates: Feb 1932-May 1935
Quantity: 20ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1495 Coll 1/57
reel 24
fiche 266 (29)
Title: Kuria Muria islands: status and administration
Dates: Feb 1929-May 1947
Quantity: 144ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/2106 Coll 6/39
reel 24
fiche 266-268 (29-31)
Title: Aden Protectorate boundaries: inclusion of Hadhramaut
Dates: Apr 1931-Jun 1933
Quantity: 48ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1461 Coll 1/25

includes: India Office Political and Secret Department confidential memorandum on 'Aden and its administration', April 1931;
Foreign Office memorandum on 'The Hadhramaut: its extent and relations with His Majesty's Government', 11 November 1932
reel 24
fiche 268-269 (31-32)
Title: Aden Protectorate: the Hadhramaut; legal status of subjects
Dates: Jun 1924-May 1936
Quantity: 66ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1465 Coll 1/29
reel 24
fiche 269 (32)
Title: British policy in the Hadhramaut: succession of Sultanate of Mukall
Dates: Aug 1935-Oct 1938
Quantity: 614ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1499 Coll 1/61

includes: Report on the Social, Economic and Political Condition of the Hadhramaut by W.H.Ingrams, Colonial Ofice, 1936;
memorandum by Ingrams on the political situation in the Hadhramaut, 1936; Colonial Office memorandum on British policy in the Aden Protectorate, January 1937;
Foreign Office memorandum by G.W.Rendel, on Anglo-Italian relations in southern Arabia, September 1937;
records of Committee of Imperial Defence Middle East Sub-Committee meetings on the situation in south-west Arabia; Foreign Office memorandum on the frontiers of the Aden Protectorate, December 1937
reel 25-26
fiche 269-282 (32-45)
Title: British policy in the Hadhramaut, Nov 1938-Nov 1940
Quantity: 383ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1500 Coll 1/61 (2)

includes: records of Committee of Imperial Defence Middle East Sub-Committee meetings on the Shabwah and al-'Abra areas; frontier negotiations with Yemen
reel 26
fiche 282-286 (45-49)
Title: Oil Concessions in Aden Protectorate: request from Petroleum Concessions Ltd for permission to explore
Dates: Nov 1936-Feb 1937
Quantity: 26ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1507 Coll 1/70
reel 26
fiche 286-287 (49-50)
Title: Aden Protectorate Order in Council, 1937
Dates: Jul 1936-Sep 1948
Quantity: 87ff
Identification: L/P&S/12/1508 Coll 1/71

includes: Aden Colony Order, 26 September 1936, and Aden Protectorate Order, 18 March 1937;
questions of legislative control and jurisdiction
reel 26
fiche 287-288 (50-51)